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Market Research

Understand your market better with our data-driven analysis on key industry trends, market size, competitive analysis and buyer personas through primary and secondary research. 


Industry Analysis

Our in-depth industry analysis covers latest development, trends, and challenges which uncover gaps and opportunity areas while identifying available solutions in your target market. We present you with actionable insights in line with your business goals backed with verified data.


Market Sizing

Sizing up your market is important to estimate the opportunity at hand and the scale to which your business can grow. We compute your total addressable market indicating the demand of your products and services while drilling it down to identify your serviceable market.


Competitive Analysis

It is vital for any business to be aware of their competition to continuously innovate and come up with relevant solutions. We help you understand your competitors on various attributes around their service offerings and business metrics while benchmarking them against industry standards.


Customer Research

Customer research helps in identifying different customer segments based on demographic and psychographic parameters through qualitative and quantitative methods. We create your customer segments and buyer personas to help you provide exemplary customer experience.

Latest Insights

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Aug 2021

13 min

65% of UAE consumers believe they belong to too many loyalty programs. There is an opportunity to sit on top of existing loyalty programs and create a unified platform where digital assets can be offered instead of points for partner programs.

Sep 2021

8 min

87.5% of perimenopausal respondents are willing to make lifestyle changes and take supplemental nutrition to attend to the issues faced by them.People who are not satisfied with their wellness are willing to try out multiple solutions for their issues.

Oct 2021

5 min

Women in UAE spend around USD 300 per year on cosmetics leading to the women organic skincare market at an estimated USD 10.6 million growing at a CAGR of 7%.

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