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Digital Transformation

Make your systems and processes more efficient using analytics, automation, AI and more  to provide exceptional customer experience and provide a modern technological backbone to your business.


E-commerce Setup

Take your business online through multiple channels and platforms to reach your customers on the go. We provide you with mobile and web solutions to set up your online presence on systems which can be used by your team without any technological barriers.


Recommendation Engines

It is extremely important in today’s business environment to provide your customers with a unique user experience. We leverage your user data to create personalization modules and recommendation engines at various steps of your customer’s journey through tailored ML and AI models.


Big Data Analytics

Digital transformation is successful when built on a solid ground made of vast amounts of data coming through various business units. We help you harness the untapped potential of your data through big data analytics and big data tools to drive better business decisions.


Web 3.0

Technology is getting more decentralized and opening up avenues to create disruptive solutions to today’s problems. We help you identify the utility of Web3 technologies and tools in your existing offerings across use-cases around IoT, DeFi, gaming, metaverse and creator economy. 

Case Studies

Some of our work in digital transformation is listed below:

Enabling digital storefronts for construction businesses and digitizing contracts.

Helping offline retailers take their business online and deliver products locally.

Customer Supprot Mock Up.png

A double-sided platform which connects enterprises with customer-support representatives remotely.

Latest Insights

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Jan 2020

5 min

Retail industry has one of the most extensive value chains. It spans across design, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment and needs constant, steady innovation in each of the channels. No wonder it is one of the largest industries in India at almost 1 trillion USD.

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