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Case Study:
E-Commerce Aggregator

An e-commerce app to deliver personalized shopping experience through a gamified engagement.

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The Problem

With the advent of e-commerce and direct to consumer commerce, the consumers are flushed with choices with pretty much any product out there. The conventional recommendation engines are inventory driven which push high margin, high stock products to the consumers. 

Our Solution

Parati as a platform captures insights around customer preferences, likes and dislikes, product feedback through the rapid feedback collection mechanism specially designed to help businesses make customer-centric design and inventory decisions. This preference driven recommendation engine helps brands gather relevant data around their products and consumers, while at the same time helps the customers to find relevant products based on their preferences.

Our Approach

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Create a one-stop shop with products listed from multiple D2C brands and marketplaces

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A personalized shopping experience on the app based on user's preferences

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Engage customers through a gamified experience and collect product-level feedback.

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