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Investor Relations

Ace up your fundraising efforts with our Investor Relations service. Our comprehensive investor package equips you with meticulously crafted business plans, compelling pitch decks, and robust financial models, ensuring you're well-prepared to secure the funds you need.


Pitch Deck

Pitch deck is the window into your business for your potential investors which contains distilled information around various aspects of your business. We create your investor pitch deck to effectively communicate your business plan to your relevant investors in a concise and comprehensive manner.


Financial Planning

Behind every successful fundraise is a solid financial plan backed with data-driven projections. We create easy to understand financial plans for different business scenarios to compute the funds requirement while providing you with an automated dashboard of key financial metrics.


Investor Relations

Investor relations go beyond finding and reaching out to potential investors that are relevant to your startup. We strengthen your position with investors and help you develop a longstanding relationship with them by establishing communication and feedback loops that drive sustained growth.


Financial Reporting

It becomes vital to share the key developments and milestones with your investors. We prepare periodic financial reports and presentations which can be sent to different stakeholders providing them with visibility around business and financial performance of the company.

Mar 2020

5 min

On an average, a pitch deck is 16 pages long. Whereas an investor spends an average of only 4 minutes reviewing it. This implies that they spend an average of 15 seconds on any given page of a pitch deck.

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