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Managed Operations
Scale-up your operations with us!

Establish a skillful, offshore workforce and scale up your business with us.

Focus on your core competencies and build a low-risk global team to cut cost. Access a pool of talented resources having a similar skill set as your onshore team at a fraction of your current costs. An offshore team leads to a higher throughput for existing business with an increased focus on new business development.

Our Framework


Building a team with relevant skill set and industry knowledge


Managing a remote team across time zones on existing systems and processes


Minimize set up and management costs


Ensure a cultural fit and ability to work with different work styles

the business requirements

Developing the roadmap

pilot for your business

and scaling-up

Managing resources globally

360-degree feedback to stay updated

Our Approach

Benefits of setting up
an Offshore Team


Cost Reduction
Get a similar skill set in resources while significantly reducing employee costs

Low Time Investment
Invest a negligible amount of time as compared to your onshore recruitment processes to get the first few resources onboarded


Risk hedging
A distributed team ensures that you hedge your risks around employee turnover, availability and performance

Increased productivity
An offshore team also helps in ensuring that your team is available round the clock which becomes imperative for customer facing functions


Increased Throughput
Additional resources lead to a higher throughput for existing business with an increased focus on business development

Explore New Service Lines
An offshore team presents an opportunity to explore new service lines at a low financial risk

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