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A double sided platform for contractors and property owners to find projects and relevant contractors respectively.

The Problem

The process of finding relevant contractors for construction in the middle-east is challenging and mostly manual. The market is riddled with labor shortages, contractual disputes, opaque agreements and pricing and most importantly lack of a digitized mechanism to find contractors.

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The Solution

To build a marketplace that connects landowners with engineering/design offices and contractors to make the discovery process seamless and ease the process of selection, sorting, and communication between stakeholders. The platform would also facilitate agreements and effective project management for construction projects.

The Approach

We performed secondary research to understand the construction market landscape in the middle-east and how landowners find relevant contractors for their project requirements. We deep-dived into the problems faced by landowners while finding the right contractor. Similarly, we tried understanding how contractors find relevant leads for themselves and the problems they face while managing their projects. This was then followed by a competitor research to understand the gaps that exist in the market. 

Based on the research, we identified the features required to facilitate the marketplace and defined the scope for the minimum viable product (MVP). Next, we fleshed out the business and technical requirements for the MVP features.

The primary challenge with double-sided platforms is the communication and interaction between the two user types. We approached it by creating high-level user flows for both and then detailing out sub-processes while ensuring the communication and data flow between the two flows doesn't break. 


Final Outcome

Contractor's flow

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Landowner's flow

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