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Case Study: Customer Support Marketplace

A double-sided platform which connects enterprises with customer-support representatives remotely.

The Problem

  • Setting up systems and processes for customer services at startups 

  • Finding and hiring the right talent for functions pertaining to customer services​ 

  • Getting flexible and remote work opportunities for customer services executives

Our Solution

  • Web-based marketplace app for businesses to put up their customer services requirements where candidates can apply for relevant opportunities 

  • Allowing startups to hire and manage a fraction of support services or specific number of support hours based on their requirement as opposed to hiring full-time resources 

  • ​Provide administrative tools to manage remote customer service resources as per the defined contracts

Our Approach


We started by performing primary and secondary research to identify pain-points of finding gigs for customer-service representatives and problems around sourcing, managing and performance measurement of these resources for enterprises. We identified that the customer service requirements for companies with a relatively smaller scale are inconsistent and do not require a full-fledged team to manage the same. Hence, a solution which allows them to hire and manage a remote team of customer service representatives as per need is ideal for startups and SMEs.


Based on the research, we identified the features required to facilitate the marketplace and defined the scope for the minimum viable product (MVP). Next, we fleshed out the business and technical requirements for the MVP features. The primary challenge with double-sided platforms is the communication and interaction between the two user types. We approached it by creating high-level user flows for both and then detailing the sub-processes while ensuring the communication and data flow between the two user types doesn't break. We created detailed workflows and data flows for both user types - customer service executives and enterprises along with a product requirements document for the development team to build out the platform.  

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