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Customer Support Talent Marketplace

A double-sided platform that connects enterprises with customer-support representatives remotely.


A web based marketplace that enables sourcing, management, and performance measurement of customer service representatives for enterprises.

The Problem

Identify go-to-market features for the marketplace and create an efficient and optimized workflows for the stakeholders involved. 


The Solution

Identify functional features to get the platform up and running and flesh them out for development while creating and detailing out workflows for the two sides of the platform to enable effective communication and interaction between them. 

The Approach

Performed primary and secondary research to identify pain-points of finding gigs for customer-support representatives (bees) and problems around sourcing, managing and performance measurement of bees for enterprises (beekeepers).

Based on the research, we identified the features required to facilitate the marketplace and defined the scope for the minimum viable product (MVP). Next, we fleshed out the business and technical requirements for the MVP features.

The primary challenge with double-sided platforms is the communication and interaction between the two user types. We approached it by creating high-level user flows for both and then detailing out sub-processes while ensuring the communication and data flow between the two flows doesn't break. 

Final Outcome

We created detailed workflows and data flows for bees and beekeepers along with a product requirements document for the development team to build out the platform.

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