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WEGoT Utility Solutions

WEGoT Utility Solutions


They are on a mission to solve one of the most critical and life-crippling issues in modern times, water shortage. Unlike other natural disasters that cannot be prepared for, a water crisis is something that can be avoided through demand management. The gap between the amount of water available and the amount of water required is rapidly increasing and poses an immediate threat across most of the developing world. With WEGoT aqua, they are able to reduce the demand for water in multi-tenanted buildings by changing people's behavior, attaching a cost to it, and billing them for their own consumption.

Impact Created

- Solving the critical issue of water shortage
- Addressing a life-crippling problem in modern times
- Helping to avoid water crises through demand management
- Reducing the demand for water in multi-tenanted buildings
- Changing people's behavior towards water consumption
- Attaching a cost to water consumption
- Billing individuals for their own water consumption

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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