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WEGoT imagines a world with enough water for everyone and strives to make this imagination turn into reality! It offers you Smart Water Meters that help you manage water consumption and quality in real-time. It has raised a funding of over 3.5 million dollars to date is India’s largest and fastest-growing agri-commerce company. Focusing on food development and distribution, the company leverages innovative technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain from soil to sale.

Impact Created

- WEGoT is working towards ensuring enough water for everyone, addressing a critical environmental issue
- The Smart Water Meters offered by WEGoT help in managing water consumption and quality in real-time, promoting water conservation
- The company's focus on food development and distribution contributes to improving food security and reducing food waste
- Leveraging innovative technology to operate a complex supply chain from soil to sale, WEGoT is promoting efficiency and sustainability in agriculture sector

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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