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Vital Waste

Vital Waste


A13 provide convenient, affordable and genuine recycling solutions to residents of residential communities and corporate offices in Kolkata. A13 connect the environmentally aware members of our community to the local manufacturing industry that use recyclable items as raw materials for production; collecting all varieties of Paper, Cardboard and Plastic (PET).

A13 are part of a complete waste management chain with a seamless connection right from waste producers to the recycled material users. This ensures we not only take care of waste regularly, but also take concrete steps towards our aim of zero waste to landfill.

At Vital Waste, our experts help identify and reduce hidden costs while working in tandem with your back office administration to create a customised waste management plan for you.

Our fundamentals are clear: A13 will help Reduce waste, Re-use what is generated, and Recycle the rest. To achieve this, we will consistently adapt new and innovative ways. A13 believe your business and the natural needs of the world should not be at loggerheads with each other – and we help you work towards that end. is India’s largest and fastest-growing agri-commerce company. Focusing on food development and distribution, the company leverages innovative technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain from soil to sale.

Impact Created

- Provides convenient and affordable recycling solutions to residents and corporate offices in Kolkata
- Connects environmentally aware community members to local manufacturing industry using recyclable items as raw materials
- Part of a waste management chain aiming for zero waste to landfill
- Helps identify and reduce hidden costs in waste management
- Customizes waste management plans for clients
- Focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling waste
- Adapts new and innovative ways to achieve waste reduction goals
- Aims to align business needs with environmental sustainability goals

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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