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Saattvic Ecocare Products

Saattvic Ecocare Products


They aim to replace all Plastic and Expanded Polystyrene packaging with compostable packaging. They provide bagasse moulded products, areca & wooden tableware plus paper bags and paper food packaging essentials. All their products are home-compostable, made from agricultural residue and manufactured with bio fuels. In addition to all the environmental advantages, they come in unique and thoughtful design.

Impact Created

- Aims to replace plastic and expanded polystyrene packaging with compostable packaging
- Provides bagasse moulded products, areca & wooden tableware, paper bags, and paper food packaging essentials
- All products are home-compostable and made from agricultural residue
- Manufactured with bio fuels
- Offers unique and thoughtful design
- Creates environmental advantages

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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