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Quark Solar Pvt Ltd

Quark Solar Pvt Ltd


Quark Solar Pvt Ltd (formerly known as PAE renewables) began in 2010 to undertake EPC of smaller-sized battery-based solar rooftops at a time when solar was not commercially viable. Since 2015, the company has transitioned into larger commercially viable industrial and commercial rooftops, across India, with experience also on MW scale, open-access, ground-mount projects.

Impact Created

- Started in 2010 to promote battery-based solar rooftops when solar was not commercially viable
- Transitioned into larger industrial and commercial rooftops since 2015
- Experience in MW scale, open-access, ground-mount projects
- Contributing to the growth of solar energy in India
- Promoting renewable energy sources
- Reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources
- Creating job opportunities in the solar energy sector

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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