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MoEVing offers intra-city last-mile delivery solutions, energy infrastructure and fintech solutions. It provides delivery services to companies operating in ecommerce, e-grocery, FMCG, logistics and D2C. Besides, it also works along with OEMs, drivers and financial institutions to address the problems of EV owners when they adopt EVs. is India’s largest and fastest-growing agri-commerce company. Focusing on food development and distribution, the company leverages innovative technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain from soil to sale.

Impact Created

- MoEVing helps reduce carbon emissions and air pollution by providing last-mile delivery solutions using electric vehicles
- The company's focus on energy infrastructure and fintech solutions promotes the adoption of electric vehicles, contributing to a cleaner environment
- By working with OEMs, drivers, and financial institutions to address the problems of EV owners, MoEVing is helping to overcome barriers to EV adoption and promote sustainable transportation
- The company's involvement in agri-commerce and food distribution helps improve food security and supply chain efficiency, benefiting farmers and consumers alike
- Leveraging innovative technology in its supply chain operations, MoEVing is contributing to the development and distribution of food in a more sustainable and efficient manner

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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