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At Exergi, they believe that sustainable energy storage can solve major energy and climate issues which the world is facing right now. They are a technology agnostic company when it comes to finding the best solutions for energy storage. They are laser focused on tackling the major energy storage issues and promoting the decentralization of energy assets across the world. They are also committed towards creating clean energy-based EV infrastructure across the country. Their products serve multiple domains like electric two & three-wheelers, solar storage, residential & commercial power backup.

Impact Created

- Believes in the potential of sustainable energy storage to address energy and climate issues
- Technology agnostic approach to finding the best energy storage solutions
- Focus on tackling major energy storage issues
- Promotes decentralization of energy assets globally
- Committed to creating clean energy-based EV infrastructure
- Products serve multiple domains including electric vehicles, solar storage, and residential/commercial power backup

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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