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Creduce Technologies Pvt Ltd

Creduce Technologies Pvt Ltd


CREDUCE is a macro scale organization headquartered at Ahmedabad (Gujarat), with recommendable expertise of highly qualified & seasoned professionals is India’s largest and fastest-growing agri-commerce company. Focusing on food development and distribution, the company leverages innovative technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain from soil to sale.

Impact Created

- CREDUCE is focused on food development and distribution, which can help improve access to nutritious food for communities
- The company leverages innovative technology to operate a complex supply chain, potentially increasing efficiency and reducing waste in the agricultural sector
- By being India's largest and fastest-growing agri-commerce company, CREDUCE may be creating job opportunities and economic growth in the region
- The company's expertise of highly qualified professionals indicates a commitment to high standards of quality and sustainability in their operations.

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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