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Unlock mobile commerce for your brand

Set up your mobile app presence to reach customers on the go using our ready-to-use mobile app system

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All e-commerce

The app will be equipped with all e-commerce capabilities - products, categories, wish list, cart, orders and payments.

Product-level feedback & analytics

Our interactive user experience allows you to capture a product-level feedback from users and generates rich analytics. 

No-code app

Manage the app using admin controlled dashboards, without needing a development support.

Fully synced with your e-commerce website

The app will be fully synced and integrated with your e-commerce website. You can manage your inventory and orders in one single place.

Subscription based usage models

Avoid huge development costs to try a mobile app for your business. Simply subscribe to our mobile app system.

Preference based recommendations

Our proprietary recommendation engine factors in the user's preferences and displays a personalized feed to every user.

E-commerce Mobile App for Brands

Get a dedicated and branded mobile app for your products without worrying about technical costs and barriers

Parati Sustainable Brands Marketplace

List your product on our marketplace app for sustainable brands and become a part of brand community which deploys environmentally and socially sustainable manufacturing and distribution practices


E-commerce Website Setup and Maintenance

Get your business online and set up your e-commerce website to give your products and online address

Our Brand Partners

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