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PowerSun India

PowerSun India


PowerSun India Private Ltd is a company incorporated in India with interests in Power and Renewable Energy. The company concentrates on Solar PV Engineering, covering aspects from Design, Development, Manufacture, Implementation to Operations Management. Its business segments include Multi-MW scale Ground mount & Distributed KW scale Rooftop Solar PV Power Plant projects in India.

Impact Created

- Focuses on solar PV engineering and renewable energy
- Covers aspects from design to operations management
- Specializes in multi-MW scale ground mount and distributed KW scale rooftop solar PV power plant projects
- Contributes to the development and implementation of solar energy in India
- Helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions
- Contributes to the growth of the renewable energy sector in India
- Promotes sustainability and environmental conservation

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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