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Ecowrap is an end-to-end tech-based platform for waste management. Currently, their customer segment is HORECA (Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.). Ecowrap presents an innovative business model to make waste management financially viable by adding an extra buffer of supply chain and upcycled products. They are developing a SaaS for payment distribution and IoT for real-time waste data.

Impact Created

- Ecowrap is a tech-based platform for waste management, which can have a positive environmental impact by helping to reduce waste and promote recycling.
- Their innovative business model makes waste management financially viable, which can have a social impact by creating job opportunities in the waste management sector.
- Ecowrap's focus on the HORECA customer segment (Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.) suggests that they are targeting industries with high waste generation, potentially leading to a significant reduction in waste in these sectors.
- The development of a SaaS for payment distribution and IoT for real-time waste data indicates that Ecowrap is leveraging technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in waste management, which can have both social and environmental benefits.

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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