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SimSim and Bulbul are Live social commerce platforms that uses videos to sell products. These platforms use videos to pitch products mainly to non-metro customers. Its the space that traditional e-commerce hasn’t fully captured. 

The Problem

Digital ads, social media content and other marketing strategies grabs customers to the online store. Then, even after reaching the store, the customer must go through some more steps in the purchase journey — each of which poses the risk of losing their interest and a potential sale.


The Solution

Live commerce is entertaining and immersive, keeping viewers watching longer. Time-limited tactics such as one-off coupons can be used to generate a sense of urgency. Such platforms are bringing the customers one-step closer to in-person experiences and an urge to buy the product.  

The Approach

We performed UX Analysis for Bulbul and SimSim to understand how the consumers would experience these platforms and what could be done more to enhance the user experience and ease the user journey and purchase experience.

We detailed out the user flow and compared both the platforms. This helped us to understand how each platform is doing better than the other as well how and where one of it is lacking from other.

This analysis helped us to better address users’ desires and pain points for these platforms.



Final Outcome

We analyzed the user flow and user experience for both the platforms to understand what can be added or deducted within the features to ease user journey.

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