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Case Study: Hyperlocal Marketplace

Helping offline retailers take their business online and deliver products locally.

The Problem

  • Local retail businesses have been majorly hit by online giants (Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, etc.) and are losing their primary target customer, i.e. local residents within the city. 

  • The penetration of these platforms is low due to technical complexities and lack of a seamless experience to set up and manage these channels.  

  • Challenges surrounding existing online channels include lack of automated inventory management and cataloging, price matching with marketplaces and inability to take custom orders.

Our Solution

  • Replicate offline retail commerce experience for both buyers and sellers which includes elements of negotiation, trying and buying and customized orders. 

  • Chat-based commerce platform to provide incremental benefits and digitization to offline retailers while enabling a two-way communication channel between the buyer and seller. 

  • Hyperlocal commerce to allow selling and delivering goods at a locality level thereby reducing the delivery timelines from days to hours.

Our Approach

Product Development

We created a hyperlocal delivery marketplace that connects local vendors with their customers. This platform provides a better local shopping experience as well as delivers convenience to both the parties, the vendor and the customer. Not just this, but the vendor can also maintain their order and earnings record within this platform and maintain a hassle-free account.

Personalizing the Experience

Vendors can set up their online presence and a website in under two minutes which can then be shared with their current and prospective customers over various channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, text, and other messengers. This allows them to manage all their customers in one platform and track their orders and sales. We made the web app more user friendly from an inventory management perspective in the form of a global inventory and barcode scanners to create quick product catalogues.

On the customer side of things, they can easily find store options around them by providing location access to the platform. They can browse through product catalogues and seamlessly place orders with their preferred vendors.

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