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Prithvi CleanTech

Prithvi CleanTech


Prithvi CleanTech is one of the biggest organizations in India for E-waste Management. They work tirelessly to cultivate the essence out of the resources by recycling the waste products, through the use of creative and environment-friendly technologies. Currently, they are recycling LCO (LITHIUM COBALT OXIDE), and NMC (NICKEL MANGANESE COBALT) batteries. Their industrial scale, zero emission process allows them to recover BLACK MASS POWDER (lithium, cobalt, manganese, and nickel) from the batteries for reuse in the production of new batteries and many other products.

Impact Created

- E-waste management
- Recycling waste products
- Use of creative and environment-friendly technologies
- Recycling LCO and NMC batteries
- Recovery of BLACK MASS POWDER for reuse
- Zero emission process

UNDP Sustainable Development Goals

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